Thank you for taking time to care for found pigeons. If no response from the club contact within 24 hours, please notify our office.

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Understanding how to read a pigeon band

The American Racing Pigeon Union registered bands have a specific format. Once you understand how to read the band number, you will find it easy to locate the club that issued the band on our Band List page. Make sure to visit our page on How to Care for a Found Pigeon.

Band numbers are in a series of letters & numbers as shown below.

EXAMPLE= the band may read-->AU 99 ABC 1234

(1) - AU - is the national organization that has registered the bird, in this case the American Racing Pigeon Union, Inc. The band can also have IF, CU, ATB, NBRC, or IPB in this position.

(2) - 99 - is the year the bird was hatched and banded/registered.

(3) - ABC - is a letters representing the pigeon club the band is registered to (no two clubs have the same registration letters - and they have one, two or three letters).

(4) - 1234 - A one-up number unique to each pigeon based on the club letters. Now that you understand how to read the band, you can go back to our band list to find the club that the bird you found belongs to.

NOTE: (PERSONALIZED BANDS) Sometimes the band may just have the owners name, phone and/or address on it that you may call or write them.

To help make finding the owner of a found pigeon easier, please enter only the letters that follow the year on the band.
Then scroll down the list until you find the club letters you entered. In the example below, the letters to enter are XYZ. 
Example Band Code: AU 2003 XYZ 3234534

AU = American Racing Pigeon Union
 2003 = Year The Bird Was Banded
XYZ = Club Code
3234534 = Individual Bird (Serial #)

In the example to the left, you will see;

AU (our organization) and the year the bird was born and banded (2003).

Also note, the "Club Code" is XYZ and the number that follows is the bird's id number.

To search for a band, enter just the "Club Code" in the search box below and scroll down to find the club lettering (Club Code).

Contact information for that club secretary will be listed.

If the band has different letters than AU, it may be another organization.

If the band has the letters CU. you can find their band list at 

If the band has the letters IF. you can find their band list at

If the band has the letters NPA. you can contact them at

If the band has the letters IPB. you can contact them at , or their store at 877-355-7727


If the band has the letters ADA, please contact the American Dove Association (ADA secretary, Denny Stapp) at

Parrot Alert

If the band does not have an AU , or one of the above mentioned organization letters on it, send us an email .We will do our best to help you find the owner of the bird. If the bird has no band at all, It is a wild pigeon..... Contact your Local Humane Society.

Thank you for taking the time to care for found pigeons.