AU Speakers' Bureau - A New Look

The AU Speakers' Bureau is a significant benefit offered to our AU Affiliated Clubs. This is a cost-sharing program that matches up to $600.00 towards the expenses of the AU speaker. The speakers are qualified volunteers, chosen for the Speakers' Bureau for their expertise and speaking ability. The Speakers Bureau can provide speakers on a host of topics such as health, widowhood flying, young bird flying, genetics, eye sign, long distance racing, microscope use, to name just a few. Using a speaker is an opportunity to improve our sport and build enthusiasm in your club. In addition to the speakers listed below, the AU Officers, Zone Directors and staff are available to make presentations at your events. They are eager to share information pertaining to AU projects and member services. The AU Directors page is at directors.html. To participate in the program, the event coordinator must call the AU national office PRIOR to making arrangements. Speaker evaluation forms will be sent. Once those are completed and received with copies of receipts, the AU will reimburse for half, up to $600 for one speaker per an event. American Racing Pigeon Union, Inc.

Speakers' Bureau

SCOTT BENNIS (MN) 651-460-8153 Widowhood, Double Widowhood, Building Old Bird Teams, Breeding, Loft Design, Handling/Young Birds, Liberations, Sportsmanship

DR. ROGER HARLIN (OK) 405-636-1484 Overall Avian Health

MIKE LUDOLPH (MN)507-825-3901 Widowhood Racing, Young Bird Flying on Dark System, Breeding, Loft Construction

FRANK MCLAUGHLIN (MA)781-820-8327 Selection, Widowhood, Dark System, OB & YB Racing, Health/Medication, Nutrition, Feeding, Natural Health Aids

ED MINVIELLE (LA) 337-276-5429 Genetics, Breeding, Selection

FREDDIE RIVERA (FL) 352-596-2526 Systems, Eye Sign, Breeding, Grading, AU Judges' Panel

RONNIE SHUMAKER (MS) 601-938-6775 Youth & School Programs, Sport Promotion, Fundraising

DENNIS KUHN (MN) 952-873-5664 Medication, Club Leadership/Promotion, Genetics, Old Birds, Natural, Release Businesses