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Our club has grown to 18 flyers for the upcoming 2004 young bird season. We have a newly built clubhouse on Bill Kinyon's property to better facilitate our club activities. We flew 5 races each weekend this past old bird season. It was tough, but it worked out well.

Nearly each time we get together, someone is grilling hamburgers or the wives have made fantastic dinners and snacks for all of us. We all had a great season.

We must be doing something right. We're getting retired people back in to the sport and new members are joining.

The topic of our next meeting will be about plans to set aside money to purchase a piece of land so the club can build and own a clubhouse big enough to accommodate the entire federation here in the Tulsa area.

Years ago, Bill Kinyon was in an article in the Racing Pigeon Bulletin. It was in that article that the idea was presented that if everyone within a 50 mile radius belonged to the same club, that would provide more money, more workers, more fellowship and more direction for the sport in an area. It appears that is what is working for our club now. We're getting a great deal of inquiry from other clubs.

The officers do a great job of conducting a smooth running club and members take responsibility in designated duties. That includes allowing one member to devote time to getting the new members up to speed for a successful start at racing.

Almost every one of the new members won a race already, but for those that did not, the winning was shared and everyone is really proud.

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