Policy Title: Lost, Stray, Recovered or Rescued birds

Policy Number: AU320

Effective Date: 10-15-07

Last Revision: 10-24-2020

Introduction It has become increasing important that AU members be responsible to make every effort to rescue or retrieve AU banded birds that have been recovered by the public or others. The AU Board of Directors has adopted the following Lost Bird Policy for its members and member-affiliated organizations. It should be noted that repeated or intentional and willful violations of any of the items of this policy can be considered detrimental to the whole pigeon racing sport, its members, or the AU, and may result in disciplinary action that could include suspending or expelling the offender from the AU and its affiliated member organizations.

320.01 Member Responsibilities. AU members have a responsibility and obligation to make every effort pick up birds that they own which are recovered, and to notify and attempt to return a stray or banded bird that has strayed into their loft, as soon as possible to its rightful owner.

To preserve a favorable image of the hobby of racing pigeons, the AU encourages AU organizations to establish assessment and/or action for those members that fail to retrieve found pigeons and communicate with finders in a timely manner.

A. Non AU or unbanded birds. Members have no obligation to recover Non-AU banded race pigeons, fancy or unbanded birds. These birds should be referred to the Humane Society, 911 Pigeon Alert, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/911PigeonAlert, or their respective national headquarters, if banded.

320.02 Entrapment or harming Race birds. It shall be an infraction to purposely trap, hold, injure, remove leg bands, race bands or countermarks, or in any way detain or harm another personís race bird. The exception is providing water or feed or aid to exhausted or strayed race birds or young birds that are not considered entrapped and trap on their own free will.

320.03 Animal Rescue services. AU members, when contacted by an animal shelter or rescue should make timely arrangements to pick the bird up, refer the caller to the registered owner, or club contact, that can pick up the bird. If this is not possible, refer the person to "Pigeon 911."

320.04 Injured, sick or exhausted birds. Every attempt should be made to give these birds the attention they need as quickly as possible, while their owner is contacted.

In the event that a bird is so badly damaged as to be impossible or unrealistic to try to save, the bird it should be disposed of as humanely as possible and the owner contacted.

A. Injured birds that are rescued by an animal rescue service or the public should be picked up promptly and before expensive medical procedures are preformed, unless done so at the permission of the owner.

320.05 Band or identification removal. Under no circumstances will AU members remove bands or in anyway try to conceal or modify the identity of a stray bird.

320.06 Expense reimbursement. It is understood that reasonable out-of-pocket recovery costs including shipping, shipping box or phone calls will be reimbursed by the owner, unless other arrangements are made, such as returning out-of-area birds on a pigeon transport. 320.07 Caring for Recovered pigeons. AU members shall feed and care for a stray or injured pigeon in their possession for a reasonable time until the owner can retrieve it or that it can safely be shipped back to the owner or other satisfactorily arrangements are made. (Such transfer of ownership.)

320.08 Transfer of Ownership. Should the owner not wish to retrieve the bird gives the finder permission to keep it, the ownership may be transferred, only if the owner provides written permission. This should include the date, band number, color and sex, the owners AU ID number, if an AU member, and contact information and circumstances.

(Sample Attached) This will transfer the ownership and registration to avoid any question of ownership, should there be a chance of it ever arising.

It is recommended a copy of this form be sent to the AU Office in OKC.

Ownership Transfer Form

This form should be used anytime one plans on flying or keeping a recovered or stray bird(s,) where the ownership of such bird(s) may come into question for any reason.

Please Transfer the registration and ownership of the following bird(s):

________________________ ____________________________

________________________ ____________________________

________________________ ____________________________

________________________ ____________________________

________________________ ____________________________

Original Registered Owner: ___________________________ AU ID#_________

Address: ______________________________________________________

City/State/Zip: _________________________________________________


To: New Registered Owner: :___________________________ AU ID#_________

Address: ______________________________________________________

City/State/Zip: _________________________________________________


We hereby Agree to the transfer of the pigeon(s) listed above to the person named as new owner, and hereby give title to said pigeon(s) and band(s), without records and on an. "As is, Where is" condition.

Signed:_____________________________ ________________________________

Current Owner New Registered Owner

Note: If above bands are other then AU bands they must be registered with the AU to be eligible for awards.

Please mail this form to the American Racing Pigeon Union, Inc. PO Box 18465, Oklahoma City, OK, 73154-0465 405-848-5801.