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POLICY TITLE: Administration of Prohibited Substances to Racing Pigeons

Effective Date: July 12, 1998

Last Revision: June 10, 2018


The Union has determined that the administration of performance enhancing substances or any substance harmful to racing pigeons shall be banned. Reasons for this ban include the destructive effect that use of such substances has on the concept of fair competition, the potential harm to racing pigeons from administration of such substances, and the detrimental effect on member participation in racing events. The policies adopted by the Union, and the specific substances, which are banned from use, are subject to review and revision from time to time as advances in technology and science may warrant.

Adoption of Testing Program
400.01 Application to All Union Members
Each member of the Union, by application for, and acceptance of, membership in the Union and his entry of any pigeon in any race of competition sponsored or sanctioned by the Union, or by any Union affiliated organization, agrees to abide by, and to comply with, any and all policies of the Union pertaining to administration of substances to racing pigeons owned by him or under his care and control.
1. The AU exercises its authority over every race flown by AU chartered organizations, according to AU rules and which are submitted to the AU National Database for national awards, or for which an AU diploma or other AU awards are issued by the chartered organization.
2. Should an AU club choose to drug test birds entered in any race over which the AU has authority, that organization shall submit a full and complete copy of all drug testing results to the AU national office.
3. Under no circumstance many any AU chartered organization, sanction any AU member, based on the results of a drug test, until the AU has reviewed those results, and the proposed sanctions, and authorizes the organization to enforce those sanctions.
4. All drug testing by AU chartered organizations, on races over which the AU exercises no authority are not covered by this policy. However, should sanctions by that AU organization, as a result of a drug test, effect any AU member’s right to participate in future AU races, then that would bring those sanctions under AU review and the organization must follow #2 and #3 above.
Disciplinary action against a fancier who uses a banned substance is contemplated by the AU Rules of Conduct and Disciplinary Rules, which provide (section 14.01{01}) that it is a violation of those Rules for any fancier to “violate any policy or rule of the Union regarding the administration of any prohibited substance to any pigeon.”

400.02 Administration of Certain Substances Prohibited. Any member of the Union shall not administer the following substances to any racing pigeon at any time:
a. Opiates
b. Bronchial Dilators
c. Corticosteroids
d. Stimulants
e. Any drug or substance, regardless of how harmless or innocuous it may be, which interferes with the detection of any substance which fall with categories a – d.
f. The local AU organization hosting the race has the right to test as they deem appropriate, paying related expenses.
g. Organizations doing testing shall submit all test results to the AU national office.
h. Known drugs/substances that have appeared in drug tests in pigeons and that have been banned are:
1. Diclofenac (6/17)
2. Clenbuterol (6/18)
3. Boldenone (6/18)
4. Penicillin G (6-18)