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AU’s 2009 Showcase Loft Contest Winner

Each year AU members are invited to submit photographs, plans and descriptions of their lofts to the Showcase Loft Contest. The lofts help the public understand what is necessary for a race team setting. It is also fun for members of the sport to compare designs.

Winners are selected after on-line voting through the American Racing Pigeon Union web site has closed.

2009 gave us another tie for 1st. Brian Ahern’s Sky Trek Loft is in Jourdanton, Texas. Brian races with the Woodlawn RPC in San Antonio.

Brian had several factors in loft design selection. He did extensive research before deciding how the loft would look and work. He also wanted a loft that would enhance the neighborhood. His loft was, in fact, influenced by a past showcase loft entry.

The Woodlawn Club helped Brian get started with birds and advice, so now he is ready to race!

Congratulations to Brian!

First place is shared by Art Sager & Bill Gilmer of Smyrna, South Carolina. Art and Bill compete in the North Carolina Combine consisting of 8 clubs and 45 to 50 lofts.

Congratulations to Art & Bill!

Both loft entries are superb examples of racing homing pigeon lofts. Each winning entry will receive a limited edition print in the AU Convention Series by artist Jim Brown, and a plaque proclaiming their win.

As is usually the situation, selecting a winner is very, very tough. The entries are varied and attractive and they provide good examples for others. Thank you to all the participants for demonstrating the quality of care AU members provide for their birds. You reflect the sport well. 

To view the contest loft entries, visit http://www.pigeon.org/showcaselofts.htm 

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