2003 Showcase

Bieche lofts
ALEX and Cindy Bieche

Breeding Loft - Breeding loft 10 ft wide by 64 ft. long. Three foot hallway running full length of the loft. Their are 6 separate sections. First 2 sections house our Verbruggens. Third and fourth section house are Janssens. Fifth section house our Schellens and the last section we have our Devriendts for the distance. Our race team and kit birds for sale are bred in this loft. 

Back View - Because inside sections look alike each of the 6 sections has a separate flying pen so the parents do not get mixed up. 

Inside view - shows full hallway. The small dark openings on the floor of each section allows our cat to do her job inside the loft without bothering the birds. 

Nest boxes - Each section has 12 select pairs in a given family. The pedigree of each Sire and Dam of these breeders is also displayed on the opposite wall in the hallway. 


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