2003 Showcase

Steve Ebert
Forest View Loft
New race loft is 8’ x 32’ and divided into 2 young bird and 2 old bird sections, with a 3’ hallway across the front. The interior walls and ceiling are white melamine board, the floor is FRP board glued down, and each section is wood doweled. White corrugated fiberglass panels supply light, and louvered vents for fresh air. The rafters are screened for air flow as well as a 2 1/2” opening across the front and back bottom at floor level. Each section for the birds has a raised sub-floor for the air to move under into the hallway, and out through the dowelled vents in the ceiling. There is also an attic fan to help move air on still days. All perches, nest boxes, and dowelled partitions were painted with clear polyurethane. The front has California style landing boards with aviaries under the landing boards. (See Photos for further info).

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