2006 Showcase


Well, My wife Jerri and I just purchased a new home in a rural area of Chico, California. It sits on 1.5 acres and is zoned for the pigeons. We decided to build our idea of a "Dream Loft". Over the past 30 years of flying I have built my share of lofts and this is what I came up with. It is a simple design which minimizes the time and effort to keep the birds healthy all year long.

Last year I submitted a portable loft design while I was  building this loft. Both of these loft can be viewed on my website at: www.skylakesions.com 

There are many pictures that show the the lofts in different stages of completion. I hope they will give you some ideas when you are building your new loft!

Happy Flying!! 



The metal roof is great. The birds can only land on the ridge. They much prefer landing on the trap board. Within a couple of weeks they all hit the board.

The wire in the front and the landing board avairy is powder coated expanded metal. The Avairy screen is on nylon rollers and slides up to open. There are counterbalance weights on the inside of the wall. It only takes a finger to slide them up. The landing board itself if hardiplank that will never weather. The stone is stacked and not motared.It only took a morning to place them.

The Floor is 18" off the cement and made from an old catwalk. Great support and lasts forever.


Floor Plan. Not my strong suit. I hope you can understand it!

I hate to paint, This is a pretty site. The last coat ! 4 foot walkway. All dowled doors to the individual sections. A  little easier on the feathers than wire.

2 sections of 20 boxes each. Held up by mangents. When down there is a 6' perch for them to stand on. The  boxes and perches were all hand made.

Feed room with a dishwasher, refrigerator, 3 boxes for sick bay etc.

Electronic Timing system. I have used the Tipes since they were approved in 1996! 

All the watering systems and loading platforms are on the back of the loft for easy maintence and asthetics. The wire doors hinge up for easy cleaning. I can clean the entire concrete slab in 60 mins. Other than the nest boxes there is no loft scraping. All the perch dropings fall through the catwalk


All the sections have continuous drip. I dug a 10' .10' septic and the appliances and the drip all empty into it. Notice the drain plug. I can also put the whole
trough in the dishwasher. They each hold 1 1/2 gallons making it very easy to medicate.

I love to take the birds for a toss. This is my training rig!


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