2008 Showcase

Kevin Russell
Gerber, CA

In October, 2007, Kevin started building his Irish Castle so he and his wife, Barbara, who is Irish, their son Lucas and daughter Patty, could fly their racing pigeons. Kevin lives in the flat lands of Gerber on Highway 99 West, ten miles from Red Bluff. Through the winter months he devoted all his time building the castle. It is 26 feet by 40 feet and 28 feet tall to the top of the peak. There are five separate flying compartments in the loft. It is built 22 inches off the ground on cement slab for easy cleaning. The hallway inside consists of five smaller compartments that allow the pigeons to come out of the larger towers to be boxed for training or racing. Kevin has a large broom handle with the end of a fuzzy paintbrush on it to drive the birds into the smaller sections. Behind the double doors there is a stairway to reach the top of the castle. As there are so many junior members in the Club, Kevin thought that by making the roof accessible, everyone could sit there and watch the birds route and come home from the races. The view is breathtaking.

Kevin raised eighty-eight squeakers for the junior and new members of our Club this year, besides raising teams for himself and his family.

Submitted by Ginger Shaffer, reporter for Red Bluff Pigeon Club

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