2007 Showcase

Ed Dunne
Shady, NY

Ed Dunne from Shady, NY in the beautiful Catskill Mountains.
I'm the Race Sec for The Northern Catskill Racing Club in Purling, NY where I've been a member since about 1983. The only times that I haven't had pigeons, since 1962, is when I've been on active duty in the military.

This is a pic of my loft. It's 36'x12' attached to the south side of the garage out of the force of the cold north winds during winter which keeps the loft much warmer during breeding season.

It has 2 breeder sections, one with 12 boxes, the other with 9 boxes. A old bird section, a youngbird section and another smaller breeder section of 7 boxes. A hallway runs along the back, the length of the loft.

There’s windows on the east & west sides and across the front.
In the old bird section, I use small shelves on some perches for nests during racing.


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