2006 Showcase

Mike Steinhauer
Barn Pros, Inc.
(866) 844-BARN

My name is Mike Steinhauer. I recently moved to Priest Point in Marysville, Washington and built my new loft which is much smaller than the four lofts I have in Arlington Washington. I had a lot of fun building this loft and my neighbors have been just great accepting me and the birds. My loft has (4) sections 5'6"x 5'6", a hallway that is 3' 6" x10' long. It also has two individual breeder pens with a small fly pen for each. The four sections allow me to fly a small young bird team a two sections for flying old birds and a section for 9 pair of breeders The overall size of the loft is 12'x18' plus the 3'x18' fly pen on the front. I started flying pigeons about 4 years ago and really enjoy the sport. I am a member of the Everett Club and enjoy flying with the experienced flyers.


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