2008 Showcase

Barry Lawrence
Morganton, NC

Barry’s daughter, Samantha, shared her dad’s loft with the Showcase Lofts. Here she tells of his progress:

“He recently retired and moved to North Carolina from New Jersey at the end of 2007 after approximately 20 years in the postal service. After a health scare that kept him home on medical leave for almost a year in 2005, my mom convinced him to retire. To occupy his time in between working on their new home my dad decided to return to a hobby he left when work and family took priority. He completed building his coop and named it "Willow Loft".

His program is small, with pigeons he has carefully selected with my mom's assistance searching specifically for health and quality. He built his coop on his own using siding that matches their home. The size of the coop is 20 ft by 6 ft and is divided into a section for the flyers and a section for the breeders with a 4 ft walkway in between. He used Plexiglas to allow for sufficient air and light and screened in aviaries in the front to allow for more freedom for the birds. He used latticework for the doorways into each section and also to complete the nest fronts as well as the inside ceiling. It has a slatted floor with trays underneath to keep cleaning simple. The home and coop is situated on the side of a mountain and has fantastic views.

Here are some photos, which shows the building process as well as the finished project. The process has taken approximately 2 months and is continuously being improved.

He can be reached at willowloft@bellsouth.net

Thank you for the consideration.”

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