2007 Showcase
Lamtecson Family Loft
Chula Vista, California

New Young Bird Loft

Size is 7 feet by 4 feet, the frame is of 2 x 2 and all screwed together and is completely portable.

The bottom of the loft has a removable drawer for droppings. It is very easy to clean and keeps my yard clean and keeps the birds healthy.

Pictures above showing the aviary, which is great for settling the birds. It has a built-in feeder as well. This makes it so I don’t have to go in the loft to feed the birds. It keeps the feed clean and my daughter can take care of the birds while I’m away.

Another picture of the feeder with the lid closed and the 3 built-in drawers for the aviary.

Above are photos of the inside showing the expanded metal floor with 50 perches (6” deep and 12” high). This design is very easy to clean and really helps keep the birds in great health.

Top of the loft showing the picket fence and settling cage. The landing board is 7’ x 3’. The screen can be folded 2 ways for training and loft flying. This helps the birds learn the surrounding area and keeps them off the neighbors’ roof.

Screen can stay half way open for late comers or when I train and won’t be home right away.

This shows the screen fully open, which is great when loft flying the birds to prevent them from landing anywhere. The screen acts as a picket fence to train the birds to only land on the landing board.

We don’t race and only fly white racing homers for enjoyment. Our goal is to have a beautiful flock of white homers flying around our quiet neighborhood. We are hopeful these designs will help new flyers when starting and designing their lofts

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