2005 Showcase

Steve & Barb Tandy
29125 Juniper Road
Carl Junction, MO 64834

Our loft is 12 X 16 with 4 sections and a 4 alley down the middle.

It is 2 off the ground on a 16 X 16 concrete pad. The 4 entrance has a tile floor and all 4 sections have grates so all droppings fall to the concrete pad for easy cleaning of loft.

The young bird section is 7 X 6. The breeder section is 5 X 6. The other 2 sections are 6 X 6. The 2 old bird sections can also have nest boxes.

I have made nest boxes than can be hung or removed. There are 60 perches in the young bird section. Eventually there will be an aviary on both the breeders and old bird hen sections.

The outside is white vinyl siding, to match our home, with a 6-12 pitch roof and a light panel above each section. There is electricity in the loft and an electric outlet in each section for water heaters during winter. All interior walls are paneled for easy cleaning.

We plan on building a 16 X 24 breeder loft with 10 individual sections for 10 pair of breeders and storage.


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