2007 Showcase

Randy Barnes
Crossview Lofts
Arnold, MD 21012

Randy designed and constructed a long, sleek loft with landing pad and a cupola atop the roof crowned with a weather vane. The white wooden structure coordinates with his newly renovated showcase home. He landscaped with a man-made pond and hedges.

The loft features six rooms: breeding section, breeding hens section, two sections for the young birds and two sections for the old bird teams.  The loft has plumbing, overhead lighting, heated waterers, vent fan for air flow (with ventilation within the top and bottom for air flow), and a built in office.

Outside is a walk-through aviary.  My loft is approximately 40 feet with windows all around for plenty of light during the day.  A timing light is set to light up the loft at night, featuring the Crossview loft logo, which has been placed on the coopula, on top of the loft.

Soft jazz music plays inside the loft. During racing seasons, he is with his birds six hours or more every day.

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