2006 Showcase

Mark Thrasher
Hutchinson, KS

Mark has been in the sport for 40 years. In that time, he has created the loft that best serves his racing athletes.
He houses around thirty birds in this foam-insulated design.

The front of the loft is on the east side and is faced with brick.

The trap is on the south side of the loft.

The hallway is 4 X 26. The feeders and waterers are situated so that food and water is provided without entering the pens.

The young bird section is 7 X 11 and includes 18 boxes measuring 12 X 16 X 16.

There are 2 breeder pens measuring 7 X 11 with 18 boxes in each section.

Feeders and show cages are in all 4 sections.

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