2005 Showcase

Bob & Sara Griffiths-Tranquility Loft
Burgaw, North Carolina

The basic loft is a 40' x 12' building mounted 18" above the ground on 6" x 6" piers. It was built to county specs and I'm sure it could handle a Cat IV Hurricane. All wood is pressure treated and wire is 1/2" hardware cloth.

The loft has four flying sections: a 6' x 8 ' widow hen section, an 8' x 8' young bird section, an 8' x 8' widowhood cock section and a 6'x 8' celibate hen section. It also has two 6' x 6' separation sections on the East end and a 6' x 12' feed room on the West end. The front center hall is four feet wide and opens to all flying sections. All sections can be isolated from each other and open into the front traps and aviaries, with a series of sliding and hinged doors. All doors are foweled except those to the widowhood cock section which are solid.

Expanded metal is used for all floors except the feedroom. Each section has solid walls between the adjoining sections and wire on the walls toward the hall and exterior. The flying sections also have solid ceilings with a closeable 4' x 2' opening in the center.

The breeding lofts and aviaries are mounted on the outside of the basic building. The breeding pens are 4' x 2' x 6'. The aviary sizes correspond to the section it supports. All the breeding pens and aviaries have expanded metal floors and translucent vinyl roofs. There are 12 individual breeding pens, each with a nesting platform and feed, water and grit containers. The outside walls of the breeding pens are solid and act as baffles to keep air flowing without drafts. The breeding pen partitions and ends are wire. Each pen is accessed through a wire door to the adjacent section. There are no breeding pens next the widowhood cock loft. That area is a second aviary for them.

The 4' x 8' landing board is covered by a California Trap that can be closed for locating youngsters. It has two 4-hole electronic traps which can be used separately for young birds and old birds.

Water is piped into each aviary and all loft lights are on a timer. The wire ceilings in the breeder pens allow a single set of lights to cover all flying and breeding sections. Each breeding pen and aviary also has a switched electric outlet for water heaters on the few days each winter that it gets below freezing.

The perimeter under the loft is enclosed and houses 5 chickens to clean up spilled grain/

The baffles free flow of air design for keeping the loft cool works very well. This has been an extremely hot summer here this year and it is always pleasantly cool in the loft relative to the outside temperature.

The loft can house 75 young birds, support 24 widowhood cocks and 40 celibate hens. It can also handle 15 pair of breeders.

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