2004 Showcase

Donald Luker
Terrell, Texas

Donald flies with the Country Lofts Racing Pigeon Club and goes by the name Thornhaven Loft. This is his fifth year of flying. He won the AU Hall of Fame contender in the 5-10 loft in 2001. He also won 6th Texas Center All American Loft Award in 2001. He has won average speed for the last two years in his club. This past year he won Champion Bird of the club.

His young bird loft is 12 X 12 with two sections. His old bird and breeder loft is 12 X 32 with a feed room on the end of it. There is also an 8 X 12 on the end.

He has five individual pens for special pairing. Those are 3 X 5 feet.

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