2007 Showcase

Nick & Victoria Redfern
Silver Spring, Maryland

Nick has been a member of AU since 1996 and has been racing with Washington D.C. Metropolitan Racing Pigeon Concourse since 1996. Has held offices within the concourse as Asst. Race Secretary and Secretary.

The loft is 10'x20' divided into four sections: #1 Breeders #2 Hens #3
Cocks #4 Young Birds.

Nick breeds 30-40 yb each year from 8 pair. He loves racing and showing his birds. He is very active within the concourse and dedicates a lot of time behind the scenes arranging auctions, shows and special races to raise money for the concourse. He also loves to judge and we have traveled all over the east coast showing and judging. Nick has a young family and works weekends, so he doesn't get to race his birds nearly as often he would like, but  he always says the birds are just a hobby and family is his priority.

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