2006 Showcase

Charlie Cole
Marietta, GA

Charlie has been racing pigeons since 1962. He has built lofts in many sizes and shapes. Some lofts were built out of old scrap wood. Others were garden sheds that he turned into lofts. Some lofts he built were ideas he got from pigeon magazines, but they all had one thing in common, his bird’s best interest. When he started to plan a loft for our white homers to share with his widowhood birds, we wanted something that we could be proud of if a customer wanted to see the loft and birds. He has accomplished that. The loft is bright, well ventilated and easy to clean and maintain. Our pigeons like it too!

Size: 8’x24’
5 sections: 4 of them are 4’x8’ and 1 8’x8’ for the widowhood cocks. They all have their own aviaries extending out two feet.

Color: Green and white to blend with the young bird flying team and breeder’s loft, garden shed and green house. Our home is brick and is also trimmed in white with green shutters and front door.


Interior: The loft has double walls with lauan plywood for easy cleaning. There are louver bifold doors between each section. The loft has lights and electrical outlets in the ceiling under lattice so the birds won’t foul the system. Storage cabinets over the widowhood nest boxes where supplies are kept close for convenience. He has both “v” and “box” perches in the 4’x8’ sections.

Exterior: Grooved exterior plywood siding. Scalloped cedar shingles on the gables and there is also a small octagon shaped window in the gables. The loft sits 16 inches off of the ground. This helps keep the floor dry. There is lattice for dress and to keep the birds from playing under it during open trap.

Steps: Stone steps are planned for the spring.

Simulated Stained Glass window and door that allows the colors from the sun to radiate their home.

Roof: Black 25 year shingles

Sky Lights: To bring in extra wrath and sunlight .3—2’x3’

Ventilation System: That turns on when the loft reaches 75 degrees

Aviaries: So the birds can enjoy their baths and surroundings. The aviaries have lattice so the predators won’t disturb the birds, but it doesn’t block the view for the birds. The roofs of the aviaries are made from thin fiber glass sheeting. This also doubles as their landing boards. The release doors in the aviaries are the size of the training crates. This makes loading the birds for training very easy. Charlie has the birds trained to go into the crates on command.

Unikon clock: The antennas are placed under the thin fiber glass sheeting for an easy and accurate reading..

Water: Running water is planned for the spring. It will be centrally located between the flyers and the new loft.

Classical music: Plays 24/7

Landscaping: The loft is landscaped with lilies, lavender, roses and butterfly bushes. There are also honeysuckle and jasmine vines near the loft. It is not only appealing to the eye but the sweet fragrance lingers in the air.

Comfortable seating: To the left side of the loft for Charlie and a friend for those long races.

Fountain: To the right side with kissing doves welcome the sounds of water and nature.

Charlie is always helping new flyers out with loft ideas as well as birds. He can talk for hours about the sport of racing homing pigeons and never run out of something to say. Charlie has gone to the middle schools to talk about the sport. He has recently been asked if the high school business class can have a field trip to see the loft and the birds, and learn about the white dove release business we have.

Comments about the loft:
a Customer: I have friends that don’t live this good!
Relative: Were you building a loft or a summer cottage?
Children: Where’s the kitchen?
Friends: I’ll buy the lumber, when can you start?

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