2006 Showcase


Just getting back in the hobby, I used to have all pure white homing pigeons, but due to work I have to send my birds away, I was gone for almost a year, serving in Kuwait and Iraq so I asked a friend to take care of my birds. Upon completion of my mission we moved to a newer house and then my wife and I decided to have pigeons again. I went and spoke to my friend and I even offered to buy some of the birds back but he wouldnt even bother to help me. So I started over again and got some help from Paul Yahiku, Huck Reece, and Charlene Placko. I really appreciate all the help these guys did for me, its because of you guys that the pigeon hobby is very much alive. Thank you!!!!!
Due to being in a new neighborhood and to avoid neighbors from complaining, we decided to stick in flying white homing pigeons, and hope that there will be no conflict between my neighbors and us and also for them to enjoy watching white homing pigeons flying.


This is my loft, it is 15 feet x 6 feet, the left side is the breeders loft with 18 individual nest boxes, and the right side is the young birds loft filled with box perches. I did all the work which took me about two months, just trying to finish all the detailed work inside, plus being in the service I just try to use whatever time I have available for my family our birds.


The constructions of my loft:

The floor is made from 5 feet by 30 inches using shelving material I got from K-Mart that closed. It was used to place jewelry and sun glasses, so if you put two together you have a 5x 5 flooring, then I added a foot of plywood on the back to make the whole loft 15 feet by 6 feet, very easy to clean and no dust at all, which is also raised 20 inches above ground.

The frame was raised using 2X4 studs.

Wall and roofing was installed with a 2ft X 2ft sky light.

Middle section that will be use for hens when its time to separate the sexes, roughly 4ft X 4ft still thinking if I will put 6 nest boxes and V-perches or just box perches.

Settling cages or aviary the flooring is the same shelving material I used for the loft. The front has a built in feeder with hinged lid for easy access, Ive been installing this type of feeder even in my old coop that I give away, for me there is nothing better, when Im away my daughter can feed the birds without even going in the loft.

Above is showing how the birds eat, the feed stay clean and any wasted drop on the ground for wild birds to pick, I clean everyday and all I have to do is rake everything out.

Breeder section, birds waiting to be fed.


Young bird section, birds enjoying the afternoon sun.

Breeder section with the flooring I mention in the previous pictures


Breeders quietly enjoying their box perches.


18 individual nest boxes, dimensions are 13D X 20 W X 10 H


Inside the nest box with another shelving unit I used to keep birds off the droppings, I purchased this at Home Depot and cut it with bolt cutter. Keep the breeder and young birds healthy and clean.

The top of the nest are three storage units where I put the bands, fake eggs, colored numbered snap on bands, nest bowl and any medication that the young birds needs.

Just completed installing all the picket fences, it adds beauty and keep the other side of the yard clean. Were from sunny San Diego California, hopefully I will have young ones flying next year!

More coming soon