2003 Showcase

The Rheacers
Chris, Jennifer, Tyler and Colby Rhea

My boys are Tyler (age 8) and Colby (age 6 but 7 in November) and their grandfather (Jerry Kanetzky) has built them a great loft. He built it at his house on a lowboy trailer and then drove it 3 hours from Georgetown, Texas to our home in Magnolia, Texas. The boys have painted it the paint color of ICE-CREAM CONE and we have hand painted the door with the loft name "THE RHEACERS." Our last name is Rhea and their grandmother thought adding "cers" to the end was cool- and so did we. The boys are junior members in the Westside Limited Club and it has become a real family affair. I was a junior member with my dad but it is all new to my husband Chris and he is really enjoying the sport. Saturday mornings we all sit outside have donuts, milk, coffee etc. and wait for our team to come in. The boys take care of cleaning the loft and feeding and watering the pigeons. Loft cleaning is easy because the floor is open metal grates and the perches are A frame plastic. The boys grandfather wanted the loft to beairy, easy to keep, light, and small so that they would be comfortable working in it and the pigeons would be safe and healthy.

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