2006 Showcase


Grandpa Robert Franzen & Genelle Contreras
Morris, Illinois

Some of the features are nice about our loft. First of all, the water pans are built in each section, about 5 feet above the floor. We never need to enter the sections to change our water. Also, as you can see by the way they are built in the inside, the birds canít dirty the water.

Because our winters get cold, we installed a refrigerator type light bulb above the water, to keep the water from freezing in the breeder sections.

The sliding doors are also a nice feature. They take up very little room and we built them nice and large to get the crates and ourselves through the doorway.

The thing we like most about our loft is the large area to store feed and meet and talk with people about our birds, etc.

This is Genelleís first year flying as a junior member with Far West Racers.


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