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For racing enthusiasts looking for an easy way to share their sport, here is an example of what one person can do. 

Bill Orndorff lives in LaVale, Maryland and races with the Cumberland Racing Pigeon Club. The club is affiliated with the Interstate Racing Pigeon Combine, which consists of clubs from southwestern Pennsylvania and western Maryland. 

Bill was invited to address the LaVale Lions Club about racing homing pigeons. He contacted the American Racing Pigeon Union for information that would assist him with his presentation.

Because the hobby is unique to so many, it was easy to captivate sixty people. After showing a brief video, Bill fielded many questions and utilized information and handouts provided by the AU. He also brought four birds along so that his listeners could view the birds more closely.

The audience was able to take the flyers and brochures with them when they left, providing another opportunity to share the information with others.

As a result of Bill's presentation, he booked two more Lions Club opportunities and an after school program. 

Nice work, Bill! Thank you for sharing your sport.

Bill Orndorff (right) is presented with the Lions Club flag.


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