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Hamilton Homing Pigeon Club

The Hamilton Homing Pigeon Club is located at 4810 Gunther Ave. in northeast Baltimore (410-388-8988), where they hold regular meeting ever Tuesday night. The Club House is a 40 X 60 block building on a 3.5 acres lot. There is plenty of off street parking for members and guest. The Club supports its own truck with crates to pick up other clubs. The membership is 45 members strong and they race on a south and a southwest course. The south course is down US95 and starts at Ashland, VA. The southwest course starts at Orange, VA, and follows the railroad stops from the1930’s and 40’s.

The Hamilton Homing Pigeon Club was given birth by 15 pigeon fanciers on November 30, 1933. These fifteen members would hold meetings in the back room of a Bar on Belair Rd. they raced and shipped pigeons with the now defunct Monumental City Concourse. When the membership grew the Club decided to buy the property, in 1954, were their Club House sits today.

The Membership paid for the building by holding affairs at the club. They would have one bull roast, one oyster roast, a crab feast and many dances at the club.

In 1958 they started their first futurity race, The Hamilton Futurity Race, HFR, and used blue bands. In 1983 the Club added another futurity race Hamilton Golden Anniversary Race, HGA, using gold bands. The HGA Race became the LRM Race after the death of Lou Ramseyer, a long time President and founder of the Club. The HFR race became the EPR Race named for Ed Plevyak along time race secretary and AU Award winner for outstanding service in the sport of racing pigeons. In 1994 the Club sponsored, The Chesapeake Bay Classic Race, now in its 11th year.

President: Nick Trapani

Recording Secretary: Ed Plevyak

Treasurer: Ed Plevyak

Race Secretary: Bill Hohman

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