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Fort Sutter Racing Pigeon Club

The Club was established 75 years ago in Sacramento, California and competes with five other clubs in the Camellia City Racing Pigeon Combine. Our current roster shows twenty-five members including the late John Garzoli, who recently passed away. If you read our web site page ‘Why Race Pigeons?’, you will understand our passion for the birds and the caliber of members in our Club. You’re right! I forgot the web site:


One member promotes the Sport even though she does not competitively race her birds. Her name is Anna Hernandez. If you check our web site Photos page, you will see Anna releasing fifty white ‘homers’, one for each State in the Union, at our Annual Fourth of July fireworks stand. Besides this annual event, Anna’s birds get press in The Sacramento Bee for dedication ceremonies for local heroes.

The Club is extremely progressive and much to the credit of our President. Frank Meder strives to make the Fort Sutter Racing Pigeon Club the finest in the Nation. Through our annual fireworks stand and other fund raisers, our members receive state-of-the-art clocks and electronic chip rings when competing in our OB and YB race series. This helps make the Sport affordable to growing young families and those we affectionately call ‘old farts’! Through the efforts of all members, the Club will purchase a new computer system for the latest AU WinSpeed program. Their efforts also benefit local and State organizations.

In short, “New Members Always Welcomed! We Can Help You Find A Local Club If You Do Not Live Near Us!”

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