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Students from the Oakland Heights Elementary School traveled to Birmingham, Alabama for their first road trip to a national pigeon event, the NPA National Convention. Utilizing fancy pigeon breeds in class study tools has provided information about a variety of breeds for the students. At the convention, they viewed diversity in the over 5,000 birds on display for judging. They were also able to observe and interact with Homer judging to gain a better understanding of standards.

The students not only enjoyed learning from fanciers from across the country, but also provided a little public awareness activity of their own by putting up an informational display. The display included photos of pigeons that served during wartime, historical equipment utilized in that service, and a Power Point program for visitors to learn more about their school's project.

Their new goal is to visit the 2004 AU National Convention in Tampa, Florida. There they will attend the 2004 AU National Youth Race and tour the area lofts.

To be able to cover trip expenses, they are working with the Queen City Racing Pigeon Club members to conduct a special one-loft race. Their hope is that the entry fees will cover costs. The scheduled dates are October 16, 23 and 30.

Here are some of the students during morning shipping in April

Ronnie created a variety of PowerPoint presentations that utilize basic learning concepts in a fun way with pigeon characters.

Their trip to the 2004 AU National Convention (click for more information) PDF Format, 625k file

Keep up with their latest information at: http://www.eyes-tothe-skies.com

Anyone interested in finding out more about this type of program or in finding out more about the special race are welcome to contact Ronnie Shumaker at rshumaker@mpsd.k12.ms.us .

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