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The Mississippi Power Education Foundation Grant provided funding to cover the cost of the project for each of the three schools, such as:

  • loft construction
  • racing clocks
  • pigeons
  • ARPU memberships
  • loft surveys
  • feed and grit
  • computer software
  • pigeon magazine subscriptions
  • books and videos
  • other supplies

Donations from businesses such as Continental Breeding Station, in Oklahoma City, and Lauderdale County Co-Op in Meridian, Mississippi, have boosted the efforts of the project planners. 

Members of two clubs donated pigeons to the project: the Meridian Mississippi Racing Pigeon Club and the Southern Skies Racing Club.

The learning process includes reading tests utilizing information such as articles appearing in the Racing Pigeon Digest magazine. 
The tests are short lists of questions to help the children think through situations that may arise with their birds.


Students have participated fully in the loft building process from the beginning


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