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To help make finding the owner of a lost pigeon easier please use the following example.

Example Band Code: AU 2003 AVI 3234534

AU = American Racing Pigeon Union
 2003 = Year The Bird Was Banded
AVI = Club Code
3234534 = Individual Bird (Serial #)

In the example to the left, you will see;

AU (our organization) and the year the bird was born and banded (2002).

Also note, the "Club Code" is AVI and the number that follows is the bird's id number.

To search for a band, enter just the "Club Code" in the search box below and scroll down to find the club lettering (Club Code).

Contact information for that club secretary will be listed.

2014 AU Band List 

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1.Club Name:
 Club Code:101st AIRBORNE
 Club Secretary:JACK BABCOCK
 Phone No.:505-821-0002
 Email Address:batjax101@q.com
2.Club Name:20TH CENTURY RPC
 Club Code:20TH CENTURY
 Club Secretary:ADAM KUHN
 Phone No.:815-715-8769
 Email Address:
3.Club Name:
 Club Code:3 AMIGOS
 Club Secretary:JOSEPH SWINT
 Phone No.:347-248-6099
 Email Address:
4.Club Name:
 Club Code:3 STARS & A SUN
 Phone No.:917-355-4064
 Email Address:
 Club Secretary:VICKI STRAND
 Phone No.:360-966-4796
 Email Address:
6.Club Name:
 Club Code:4C
 Club Secretary:TERRELL COOKE
 Phone No.:806-679-1972
 Email Address:
7.Club Name:
 Club Code:4J LOFT
 Club Secretary:JIM WAYMIRE
 Phone No.:512-922-7899
 Email Address:jimwaymire311@hotmail.com

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