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Pigeon E-mail Links From Around the World
These addresses are ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN For Spamming !

Names are alphabetized by last name. Click on the link to send them an E-mail.  This Page is for Fanciers around the World to post their E-mail Links ONLY. Name and Location Must accompany the E-mail link to be added to this page. This page is NOT for listing Organizations, Clubs, Website Links, Etc.

Please be Patient, we Update this list about once a week.

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Ken Valestin Valestinmadisontelco.com Fillmore IL USA
Steven Van Breemen st.van.breemen@wxs.nl Netherlands
Jan Van Engelen J.Van.Engelen02@Freeler.nl Hedel NL
Tom Van Handel TcatLofts@aol.com Ohio USA
Jim Van Helden staghorn@discover-net.net CHIPPEWA FALLS WI USA
M. Van Rooijen mvrooyen@knoware.nl Netherlands
Johan vanBoxmeer pigeon@vanboxmeer.eu Sint-Oedenrode Noord brabant Netherlands
John M. Vance loftmaster@racingpigeonmall.com WA USA
Alfons Vanhoudt a.vanhoudt@tornado.be Belgium
Frank G. Varro f.varro@worldnet.att.net MN USA
Harold Vaughn hv@juno.com WA USA
Guillermo Velasquez velasquezg@kindermorgan.com Riverside CA USA
Chris Velek cdvelek@hotmail.com Reddell LA USA
John Verburg duiven@aol.com
Jerry Vernon jerry.vernon@comcast.net MN USA
Ralph Viafora rjslofts@comcast.net FL USA
Mike Vidican MVidican@mediaone.net
Guillermo Villegas Zapotlan@webtv.net CA USA
Keith Vonderharr keithvonderharr@comcast.net MN USA
Mladen Vucak vucak@msn.com Vancouver WA usa

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