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AU. Recognition of the Cascade Racing Pigeon Club for Year 2000

The North Cascade Invitational Racing Pigeon Club or NCI as we are refereed to Holds the distinction of being the most North West club in America. Located in the Puget Sound area of Washington, just south of B. C. Canada, with the beautiful San Juan Islands to our west and the Cascade Mountains to our east. Our members span a 40 mile range from Ferndale, Blane, and Bellingham to the north, to Mt Vernon and Sedro Woolley to the south. We fly with the Evergreen Concourse which includes our club, the Stilly club, North Sound club, and the Everett club.

All our races are flown from the south, with release points at Puyallup, Toledo, Battleground, Wa. Salem, Cottage Grove, and Ashland, Or. Weed and Burney Ca. Our old bird series starts in April and goes into July with 12 races. We have 2 releases each weekend, a Red Race and a White Race. We have two special "Trophy" races in the old bird series. Our annual "Yearling Derby" flown from Salem, Or. And our 500 miler flown from Burney Ca. Our Young Bird series starts in July and goes into Sept. It includes several special "Trophy" and money races. We have two club auction races, flown from Battle Ground, Wa. And Salem, Or. We also have a concourse auction race flown from Salem, Or.

NCI club members are one in a million. We have some of the most dedicated, serious, pigeon fanciers you could ever find. Yet this has to be the friendliest most helpful club I have ever been in. In the last couple years our club has had several new members join, myself included. And the old timers have gone out of their way to help us novices get started off right. Our club is not the cut throat club you hear so much of but a club that's welcomes competition. When I joined, several NCI members gave me young out of their best breeders, saying "now you have the best, the rest is up to you"

Zdzislaw Chala and Ron Spoelstra are the "Old Timers" as far as experience goes. Zdzislaw Chala, or as we call him, Chala came to America from Poland about 18 years ago. He raced in Poland as his father and Grand father before him did. Chala has at one time or another won just about every "Trophy" or "Money" race in Washington and Oregon. He fly's a variety of pigeons but is most noted for his Leen Boer family.

Ron Spoelstra came to America from Holland as a young man years ago with his family. His dad was a dedicated pigeon racer in Holland. And of course brought eggs with him when he came to America. Ron's dad Jake, raced up to his passing a couple of years ago. Ron fly's mostly Janssen based birds and like Chala has more wins under his belt than he can count. Andre Pena and Dave and Jerry Sims are our north end flyers. Living just south of the Canadian border. Which puts them on the long end of the club and concourse. Dave is a semi retired commercial fisherman and Andre is a soon to retire U. S. Border Patrol Officer. Andre is already looking for property on the short end of the club for retirement.

Ray Coward is next to the south. Ray joined NCI last year like I did. Last year was ray's first young bird season and did quite well with his small team. Last year Ray rescued one of Chris Peeman's birds and being the gracious man that he is, Chris gave Ray quite a few eggs in return for his help. So this year Ray is flying a hot shot team of "Peeman" birds. Ray and his wife are expecting their first baby this month.

Mike and Simon Ni are brothers from China. They are restaurant people with a chain of Chinese buffet restaurants on the East Coast and now in the North West. Mike and Simon just joined NCI and are getting ready for their first young bird series. They both are very experienced flyers having raced for years in China. Mike and Simon live in Bellingham along with Chala And Bob Jansenius.

Bob and Chala work hand in hand and Bob has a team of several top "Chala" birds. Bob is always a force to be reckoned with. Doug Peterson and His son Ian. Doug works for the Washington State Ferry System and because of his work misses a lot of races. His young son Ian is the loft manager. There is nothing Ian doesn't know about his birds or about racing. Every week at basketing night you can count on Ian being there helping out. Doug and Ian fly a tough team of Fabrys.

Jack DeLano and His daughter Faye Engberg live In Sedro Woolley. Jack is our oldest member being in his seventies. They fly together out of the same loft but have and race their own birds. In today's age of "Widowhood" flying, Jack and Faye fly natural and this year their hens have been doing real well. Winning several club races and one concourse race.

Bruce's birds have to break early from the flock and fly over or around a mountain. All the while avoiding the many hawks that live up in the evergreen forests. But that doesn't slow Bruce down any. Last year two of his birds 400, and 1023, were two of the clubs best. Bruce is putting together a new team of Meulemans for next year.

Then there is me, the short end flyer. Last year was my first year racing. I mentioned all the help from all the club members, it was because of their help and their birds giving to me that I won Champion Loft, Young Birds in my first year. I'm flying a little of everything but have some new Staff Van Reets I'm excited about. I'm also flying Hofkins, Janssens, Leen Boers, and Fabrys.

That's It for NCI members. Once again I can't stress enough how good our people are. Anytime a flyer has a question or needs help any one of these people are there for them. As a club we have our usual meetings in the winter, plus a Pot Luck picnic in the fall. Last year we had an auction to raise money for a new computer as most of the members have gone to the new electronic clocking. Birds were donated from some of the best breeders from all across America and Canada for out auction. It was standing room only and was a great success. This year we're planning another auction along with a club show. And also an awards banquet.

The North Cascades Invitational Racing Pigeon Club is a club anyone would be proud to be in. With Champion birds and Champion people. If your ever in the North West feel free to call on us. Steve Joneli, 360-854-0575 or jonelsf@ncia.com

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