Sponsor Membership

The new Sponsor Membership* available through the American Racing Pigeon Union is a great way for bird lovers to expand bird recovery efforts, promote national youth educational programs, and protect the rich history of the hobby of raising and racing Homing Pigeons.

For only $20 per year, this non-competitive, non-voting membership offers the fancier free quarterly newsletters. The newsletter, the AU Update, is a great publication that allows the Sponsor Member to receive information about what is going on in the pigeon fancy.

The annual AU Yearbook & Membership Directory is also available for the cost of shipping and printing.

Typically, the Sponsor Member is someone who has had birds in the past and appreciates their contribution to our country and in competition.

Call the AU national office at 405-848-5801 or e-mail augrow@aol.com today for more information about becoming an AU Sponsor Member.

*does not include zoning assistance.