Junior Membership

The future of the sport certainly lies with our younger members

The American Racing Pigeon Union (AU) recognizes this and offers a Junior Membership.

The Junior Membership applies to members under the age of 18 and is only $10 per year. All of the same benefits that adult members enjoy are available through the Junior Membership: voting privilege during election years, receives free quarterly newsletters and an annual Yearbook and Membership Directory, professional assistance with promotional efforts, nationally recognized competition standards and eligibility for national AU awards.

This membership allows younger fanciers to participate fully and actively in the great hobby of raising and racing Homing Pigeons

Schools across the nation have adopted pigeon projects. These projects nurture learning and instill an interest in math, science, genetics, cabinetry and physical fitness. Most important, the care and responsible pet ownership involved with pigeons promotes positive self-esteem in our youth...our future!

There are also national youth competition activities for junior members. Join today!

Call today, 405-848-5801, or e-mail augrow@aol.com to find out more about Junior Memberships.