Family Membership

The American Racing Pigeon Union is proud to offer a Family Membership.

This membership opportunity allows the entire family to participate in the sport. We are seeing an increase in family involvement and want to continue to foster that.

The Family Membership applies to up two adults and any number of children, immediate family, living in the same household and is only $40 per year. So whether you have one or five children, the cost is only $40.

Obtaining a Family Membership provides the family unit with free quarterly newsletters and an annual AU Yearbook and Membership Directory. Additionally, during election years, the family unit receives one ballot. Family members are entitled to the other benefits AU members receive: assistance with ordinance issues, professional marketing assistance for promotional events, and the benefit of nationally recognized competition standards, and competing for national AU awards.

Family memberships for for families outside the US are $45 US.

Simply fill out this form and provide the list of all the names in the family. Each family member will receive their own member ID card. Please indicate who is head of household as newsletters and mailings will be sent in care of that family member.