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What is the Pigeon-List and how do I subscribe ?

The Pigeon List is a electronic news letter, very much like a news group, sent out to subscribers daily. You can post questions or answers and read what other pigeon fanciers from around the world have to say. It's easy, fun and free. This service was created by Cliff Baynon as a service to the pigeon community.

We all appreciate his efforts. Thanks Cliff!

Now, onto how to get connected.
How to Subscribe to the Internet Pigeon Mailing List.
It's easy to subscribe to an internet mailing list.
The hardest part is making sure that you it to listserv correctly.
Clicking below will bring you directly to an Email form addressed to the listserver at the University of Buffalo where the Pigeon List is kept. There is no need to fill in the subject line. What is important is that you fill in the BODY section properly. The body of the message should read as follows:


Don't put anything else in the message. Just click send and the list server will send an e-mail back to you with a message on how to proceed further.

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